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ICS’s mission is to be the leader in commercial debt collection by providing our expertise, professionalism and progressive collection techniques to ensure the highest possible return for our clients.


10 Day Free Demand

Gives your company the potential to recover money with no fees if recovered within 10 days.

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Immediate Placement

Starts the collection process as soon as we receive the delinquent account.

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ICS has a proven track record of successful business-to-business (B2B) debt recovery services since 1966.

Our collectors are seasoned professionals skilled in the art of negotiation. We take your business personally and we realize that often times you may want to maintain a business relationship with your client while also being reimbursed for the product or services you have provided. That is where ICS can help! We are not a one-size fits all agency and our efforts are specifically geared to each individual account. Whether you are trying to collect from a small to medium size business or a large corporation ICS has the expertise to assist in collecting your commercial debt.

  • Nationwide & International commercial debt collection services
  • Fully licensed and Bonded
  • Post-Judgment Enforcement
  • 10-Day Free Demand Option Available
  • Attorney Forwarding
  • Accounts Receivables Management – Outsourcing
  • No Collection – No Fee!

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