General Rates
Over $500,00010%
$100,000 to $500,00015%
$5,000 to $100,00020%
$1,000 to $5,00025%
Under $1,00035%
Debtor Outside USA30%
Special Rates
Previously assigned to another agency or attorney50%
Legal Accounts35%
Bond Suits20%*
Consumer CollectionsContact us

*20% commission on bond suits shall apply provided that the debt is based on a contract or credit application that calls for reasonable attorney fees. If no contract or credit application then the normal 35% legal commission is taken.

(When merchandise is returned for credit or when our investigation results in verification that an account has been paid in full prior to assignment for collection, we will charge one-half our normal rate based upon the above criteria.)

Claims outside of the United States:  35% in-house collection commission of any amounts recovered.

Legal Action on Your Behalf:
No legal action will be commenced without your written authorization. Court costs will be required, which will be added to the amount of any judgment entered against the debtor. Attorneys are also entitled to receive a suit fee, which does not exceed 15%. This is in addition to the collection commission, which is paid from our fee. On large dollar amounts, we will attempt to negotiate a lower commission rate and suit fee with the attorney and these cases will be handled on an individual basis.

Withdrawal of Claim:
Once a claim is placed with this agency, it cannot be unilaterally withdrawn except under very unusual circumstances. Please remember we are accepting these cases on a contingent fee basis and, therefore, if a claim is withdrawn prior to our conclusion of all collection efforts, we reserve the right to bill you for our time and expenses incurred. In addition, we are entitled to receive commission on any payments made directly to the creditor after placement of a claim, whether the creditor believes that payment was a direct result of our efforts or not.

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