Everyday we’re hustling… Sure, you could do this yourself… but why when you have the experts at ICS who will do it for you?

This is not a hobby for us… we don’t collect stamps or baseball cards, we collect money. Your money. Owed to you. Plus, no recovery equals no fee. This is a win-win my friend.

  • We offer flexible options so we can accept placements, provide reports, remit and communicate in a manner that works best for your department.
  • Our clients can place accounts with us individually online, via spreadsheet, by fax, attached to an email or by regular mail.
  • We offer online access so you can view your placed account status.
  • We work with you to determine how to seamlessly interface with your department and utilize the services that best complement your current fiscal procedures.


Accounts may be placed as a 10 Day Free Demand or an Immediate Placement:

  • The 10 Day Free Demand gives your company the potential to recover money with no fees if money is recovered within those 10 days. If partial or no payment is received, we will immediately start action on the remaining balance on the 11th day. Please note, our 10 Day service is not available for international clients.
  • For quicker action, you may choose to use our Immediate Placement service which starts the collection process as soon as we receive the delinquent account. We are confident whichever method you choose, our expert collections staff will provide the maximum return possible.

Online Access – Client Portal

  • We offer our online client portal, QwikClient, for our clients to track open accounts 24/7. This site will also allow you to post payments and submit documentation. QwikClient is a free service.

We also provide Accounts Receivable Outsourcing and Washington State Bond Suit Recovery.

Industries we specialize in:

  • Freight, logistics and transportation
  • Building materials
  • Manufacturers
  • Fabricators
  • Software and Hardware manufacturers and providers
  • Retail
  • Professionals
  • Technical
  • Start-ups

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